Five great ways to spend a weekend with the guys

Relaxation and serenity are both great things and when you must spend a weekend with your significant other or family, achieving these must be the top priority. However, the time you spend with your fellow men must be anything but relaxing. These times must be filled with new and exciting experiences that are challenging and daunting. After spending several long hours during the week at work, crunching numbers or traveling to meet clients you deserve an escape where you can let your inner man take charge. In this article, we will tell you about a few great ways in which you can spend some quality bonding time with the guys and make memories to last a lifetime. 

Camping on a volcano

That’s right, a volcano! This is the perfect option for those of you who find regular camping in a forest or a mountain top to be “uneventful” and want a bigger, better and more challenging experience. Australia is home to a number of volcanic mountains such as Mount Schank, Mount Elephant, Mount Napier, Mount Leura and many more which are all unique in nature. The ground you stand on might surprise you with a sudden hiss of steaming air or rumble that will bang on your ear drums and the heat will draw out loads of sweat from your flesh to give you exactly what you came for.

Catch and grill

A barbeque night with the guys in the backyard is certainly fun, but why buy the fish for the job when you can go catch them yourself and grill it in the great outdoors, closer to nature? Gather up the mates and equip yourself with some fishing rods, hooks, an ego fishing net and everything else you might need to stalk, hook, clean and finally cook the trouts you catch on your own. Be sure to include someone whose fine fishing before so that they can give you the necessary instructions to get things rolling.

Go kite surfing

The strong winds, the crashing waves and the clear blue skies create the perfect atmosphere for this exhilarating surfing activity that is super fun. This sports activity is in fact the love child of surfing and kiting and involves a sheer learning curve, so don’t go jumping into the sea without mastering the art first. The great beaches of Australia are renown for this sport that attracts loads of adrenaline junkies from all around the world.

Go kayaking with whales

Think you’ve it all? Go paddling in the deep blue waters with your tribe to be startled by a massive Humpback or Southern Right whale who might make a big splash and dive back I to the ocean. These Australian water bodies which used to be whale hunting regions in the 1950s are now reserved for watching them and getting real close to them in small kayak boat made for two. These submarine-sized aquatic beasts will surely make you feel small, but not before filling your entire body with a rush of adrenaline like never before.

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