How to overcome fear of open water

We all have several types of phobia or fear, some people are scared of dogs spiders, rodents, heights and even water. People who had unpleasant past experiences are those who are most likely to develop certain kinds of phobia. In this article we will discuss how to overcome the fear of water or hydrophobia.

Most cases of hydrophobia happens when people see open water such as pools or beach. They tend to experience panic attacks and become negative thinkers. It is important that we address this issue by taking small but effective steps to help the person overcome his fears. Remember that changes will not occur overnight and it so it would be a great deal of patience and determination before you can see results.

Start training in shallow water- Choosing to train in a shallow part of the pool for beginners is the best venue. The goal here it to overcome the fear of open water so we want the person to feel comfortable being submerged in water for a certain amount of time.  One way to build confidence is by reassuring the person that someone has his back in case something bad happens. If the person has extreme phobia it would be nice if you conduct the activity together in the pool. Have them walk over the edge of the pool until they reach chest level. Keep repeating this exercise until the person feels more comfortable.

Introduce fun games- One way to distract the person from his fears are by playing games to make things fun and light. Introduce the person to a floating device while playing in a shallow surface. Blowing bubbles while picking up objects underneath a shallow surface is also a good activity that helps reduce anxiety and builds confidence.  We want the person to feel that being in the water is normal and should be second in nature for him.

Teach the person how to swim- The first step is by introducing the person to float in the water by supporting his belly and legs and encourage the person to hold on to your shoulders and start kicking in the water. You can also create an exercise wherein the person stands on the edge of the pool  and jumps in the water, this can help the person overcome his fears of falling in the water.

You can check out for group swimming lessons at Jurong West so that the person would feel more encouraged to learn and also to get over his fear. It is important that a person learns how to swim since this is the key to his survival just in case something unexpected happens. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death and accidents, even good swimmers can drown especially if they panic in the middle of the pool or in open sea and that is something that we want to avoid.

Practice safety measures- Make sure to take the necessary precautions especially when teaching a person who has high levels of fear. Place a rope on both ends of the pool so they have something to hold onto while walking or threading the surface. Make sure those flotation devices are visible to help lessen their anxiety.

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