How to plan a vacation with your friends?

It can be overwhelming to plan a trip with your friends. The most important thing is that you have to stay friends before, after and during the trip. This is why it is essential to have complementary travel plans and have clear expectations. Here is a checklist to make sure you can reduce the stress and maximize the use of time before you start planning the trip.

First and foremost your travel styles have to align. So sit down and discuss all the activities that all of you would like to engage, are you all happy with staying at the same type of accommodations and in general to move at the same speed. It is all a matter of discussion and agreements. When you know what all of you want to do, then you can easily know what the budget would be. For an example you can all chip in for a luxury ubud accommodation and have an amazing luxury holiday at Bali. It all comes to that first discussion and how it goes.

Always understand what you and you mates want out of the trip. Are you looking into having fun filled times, or a relaxing and calm time. You can spend long days at the beach having a dip or exploring the museums and the galleries. It all depends on the kind of vibes that you are going for. And one crucial thing is your budget. Regardless of what everyone wants to do it should also come within the budget. It is not practical to book a trip with someone when you know that they will not spend like the others. Always make sure that there are no crashes when it comes to budget and everyone should be well communicated and on agreement upon it.

After that it is a matter of putting someone in charge of handling all the bookings and reservations. A lot of work does go into planning. You will need a lot of patience and a lot of organization to make sure everything happens at the right time. Before you make the booking make sure the number of days that you will be spending is sorted and everyone has booked their days off and are flexible with it. It is very important to book things in advance so that you are not disappointed and you can have a set plan when the trip begins.

After all the bookings are done and everything is sorted. It is a matter of packing your bags and looking forward to a fabulous vacation with your friends.

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